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​At Grin Big! ™ Apparel Our Legacy of Optimism is Rock Solid.

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At Grin Big! ™ Apparel Our Legacy of Optimism is Rock Solid. Our graphic collection on t-shirts inspired and created by The Optimist, Gary Blehm at PENMEN® Studios has spread the power of optimism and positive vibes since the 1980's. "Be positive and follow your dreams", Blehm spoke in his presentations to schools in Colorado Springs in the 1990's. He wanted children to do what they loved to do as they thought about their careers and the enjoyment of life. He would begin his speech with a question, "who here can tell me what optimism is?". They were fifth graders that he spoke to. He chose fifth grade classrooms because he had first drawn his characters in the fifth grade of a one rook school house near Aspen, Colorado and told his parents that he would draw the character for a living one day. To this day, Blehm will occasionally meet one of the children, now adults, who thank him for inspiring them to do what they love.