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Optimism is Positive and Realism is Negative

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I see a lot of optimism vs. realism out there. I'd like to suggest that those who interject realism as some kind of jab in the eye to those "wearing rose colored glasses" are simply clinging to a pessimistic view of optimism itself. Any dreamer, creator, or inventor in the past refused to be blinded by anything resembling "realism". Those who created and do great things see a better way. They believe in change. If mankind was plagued with realism we would still be sitting in caves without a fire. Keep your realism to yourself and let the creators of the world give you something to grin about. Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams with the Power of OPTIMISM!

Optimism Aims Higher

Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams!

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Grin Big! Sign over the Door

The New Grin Big! sign is up over the door of the new store on Main Street, Florence, Colorado. Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams! 

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Be Your Brand! Gary Blehm, The Optimist Since 1989, says, "Do What You Like to Do" and "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams".

Do what you like to do. Be positive and follow your dreams. Never Surrender. Never Give Up. Spreading the Power of Optimism and Positive Vibes, Gary Blehm is a motivational speaker and cartoonist encouraging kids to "Be Your Brand" and take what you love to do and make it your life. Blehm created his optimistic [...]

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Penman the Optimist Turns 30 This Year

Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams. Penman the Optimist Turns 30 this year. We're positively optimistic about the year ahead. What began as a cherished character drawing in the fifth grade of a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado in 1977 has become a positive and timely motivational inspiration to all those who refuse to [...]

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Before Grin Big! ™ there were PENMEN® Posters, PENMEN® T-Shirts, the PENMEN® Comic Strip, and the PENMEN® Book. The ever present message of optimism and positivity was expressed through Penman's exploits and creator Gary Blehm's speeches to schools encouraging kids to "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams". The fact that Blehm had first began working on his optimistic character in [...]

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Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams

"Be positive and follow your dreams." This is a line repeated by The Optimist, Gary Blehm for 28 years with his broad grinned character, Penman. The power of optimism will take you anywhere you want to go if you work hard and do what you love to do.

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