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Spreading Optimism for 30 years

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Live Your Truth. Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams. Penman the Optimist has spread the power of optimism since 1989. 

Grin Big!™ Like a Mountain Man and Express that Power of Optimism

Be positive and follow your dreams like a mountain man. Real men aren't afraid to Grin Big!™. Real men spread the power of optimism with positive rocky mountain vibes. Be a man in these rugged t-shirts from Colorado.

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Be Your Brand and Spread the Power of Optimism

Gary Blehm, The Optimist, has spread the power of optimism with a beret, round sunglasses, and a big grin since creating his brand of positive vibes to promote and inspire the love of life with smiles on t-shirts, posters, and a syndicated comic strip since 1989. His motivational speeches have inspired kids and adults for [...]

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