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Before Grin Big! ™ there were PENMEN® Posters, PENMEN® T-Shirts, the PENMEN® Comic Strip, and the PENMEN® Book. The ever present message of optimism and positivity was expressed through Penman's exploits and creator Gary Blehm's speeches to schools encouraging kids to "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams". The fact that Blehm had first began working on his optimistic character in the fifth grade created a wonderful chance to encourage other kids to do believe in their dreams.

While the Sunday version of the comic strip was seen by millions in color every Sunday in the 90's, the posters, book, and daily comic strip were published in black and white. In that tradition we're offering PENMEN® T-shirts in the same black and white purity.

Now That's a Happy Hat!

New Happy Hats from Grin Big!™. They'll know you're wearing a grin when you have this head gear on. If you love ball caps this could be a very special addition to your collection. Spread Optimism when you wear the cap of positivity. Remember, Dreams Come True in Optimistic Apparel from Grin Big!™

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Grin Big!™ Ball Caps from PENMEN® Studios Offer Positive Vibes for Your Smiling Happy Head

Wear a smile everywhere you go with a Grin Big!™ Happy Hat. When you wear a hat, it should be a happy one. Express you love of life with one of these delicious caps with Penman's big grin over your own smiling face. Be positive and follow your dreams. Always do what you love to do.

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