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Gary Blehm, Penman Spreading the Power of Optimism for 30 years

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Spreading the Power of Optimism for 30 Years. What was first envisioned in 1977 in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado has become a true story of perseverance. During the 1990's while the PENMEN® comic strip ran in national syndication, Gary Blehm, The Penman gave motivational speeches to schools on the subject of optimism, the message behind Blehm's work. Today, Penman continues with the apparel line Grin Big!™. T-shirt designs inspired by Blehm's earliest works make up the collection of these inspiring t-shirts based on optimism and positive vibes. 


Before Grin Big! ™ there were PENMEN® Posters, PENMEN® T-Shirts, the PENMEN® Comic Strip, and the PENMEN® Book. The ever present message of optimism and positivity was expressed through Penman's exploits and creator Gary Blehm's speeches to schools encouraging kids to "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams". The fact that Blehm had first began working on his optimistic character in [...]

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