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Colorado Outdoor Lifestyle Brand and Recreational T-Shirts

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The Grin Big!™ character "Penman" was first drawn in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado in 1977 when the cartoonist, Gary Blehm was 12 years old. He took the drawing home and showed it to his parents declaring that he would draw it for a living the rest of his life. While Blehm was born at the base of Mount Rainier, his beloved Penman is a pure Colorado Native. In the early 1990's Blehm would speak to schools about the power of optimism. He told kids to "Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams", and "Do What You Like to Do". Today Blehm stays true to his message and continues to follow that dream of optimism with positive vibes. The Grin Big!™ Apparel brand embodies the spirit of positivity and the Colorado outdoor lifestyle. What do you like to do? We hope to have a t-shirt design just for you on the best quality cotton shirts we can find. 

Grin and Wear it! Get Outdoors with T-Shirts from Grin Big! Colorado Outdoor Apparel

Since 1977 Gary Blehm has been drawing the optimistic character, Penman with the large grinning smile of optimism on his face. Do what you like to do and let your t-shirt show it. Be positive and follow your dreams into the great outdoors and let your passions explore grand adventure in nature and the mountains [...]

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Hang with Optimists in the Great Outdoors and Wear a Hammock T-Shirt from Grin Big!™ Apparel

Grin Big!™ T-Shirts are printed in the USA by the hand of the artist in Florence, Colorado. Hang with Optimists in the great outdoors and spread positive vibes. The Colorado Mountains are home of Grin Big! Since 1989. Be Positive and Follow Your Dreams. 

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