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The PENMEN Comic Strip with Penman the Optimist Since 1989

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PENMEN ran in national newspaper syndication as a daily comic strip in black and white. The comic strip published in full color on Sundays in papers such as The Detroit Free Press, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune. Even The Sun in Malaysia ran PENMEN.

The T-Shirt brand, Grin Big! incorporates much of the PENMEN color and feel seen by millions in the Sunday comics during the 1990's. The first PENMEN apparel sold with black ink on white t-shirts was in 1990. On that shirt Penman was wearing the very same t-shirt that he wears printed on Grin Big! T-Shirts today.

Penman Gary Blehm, The Optimist in 1996 Syndicated Comic Strip within 6 Years of First Publication

In 1989 Optimistic Cartoonist Gary Blehm, nicknamed "Penman" after his character with a broad half moon shaped smile or grin. The character was often shown wearing his round sunglasses in posters, books, and comic strips. In this promotional photograph Blehm is shown tied down to his drawing table symbolizing the commitment to producing a daily [...]

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The PENMEN Comic Strip Expressed Optimism and Positive Vibes

The PENMEN® Comic Strip first published in 1989 and never used a single word. It is sequential art expressed in pantomime with an over all message of optimism. No matter what happens to Penman he continues to smile with gratitude. 

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PENMEN Comics with Optimism and Positive Vibes

The PENMEN Wordless Comic Strip Published Since 1989. Optimism and Positive Vibes in the comics. An optimist goes fishing with his guitar and finds good karma.

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PENMEN® Comic Strip By Gary Blehm, in Papers 80's -90's

The PENMEN® Comic Strip was published in newspapers as early as the 1980's and ran in syndication through Creators Syndicate, Inc. from 1996 through 2001. Blehm's sequential comics never made use of a single word. It was pure pantomime and fueled by optimism and positive vibes through public speaking engagements encouraging people to be positive [...]

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PENMEN® Comic Strip By Gary Blehm

The PENMEN® comic strip ran in syndication from 1996 to 2001. It was completely pantomime and never used a single word.Visit Page: http://goo.gl/RFldLz

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