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Penman the Optimist Grinning Big with a Fresh Catch of Optimism

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Penman the optimist is a fisherman. Fishing has a lot to teach us about optimism. Sometimes you catch a big fish and sometimes you don't. It's optimism that keeps you fishing until you bring in that big bass. Follow your dreams the same way. Never surrender. Never give up. Just keep on fishing until your trophy comes in. Unlike fishing, however, remember that dreams know no limits! 

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PENMEN Comics with Optimism and Positive Vibes

The PENMEN Wordless Comic Strip Published Since 1989. Optimism and Positive Vibes in the comics. An optimist goes fishing with his guitar and finds good karma.

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Dream Big Dreams and Fish with Positive Vibes and Optimism

Optimists Dream Big Dreams. Anything you truly believe in can come true. Spread Optimism with t-shirt from Grin Big!™ and you can have everything your heart desires :)

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