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Don't Stop Until You Reach the Top! Grin Big!

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Don't stop until you reach the top! Never surrender. Never give up. Believe in yourself and you will have the power of optimism like the wind at your back. Tough challenges are what make you stronger. No one ever gained strength coasting down hill. That's how you spin out of control. Be strong and push yourself higher every day. -Penman

This Machine Spreads Optimism

A singer songwriter has a unique platform to communicate with positive vibes. The power of optimism burns through a desire to reach out to like minded hearts and minds. Choose your words wisely. Words mean so much more when they are sung.

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Optimism is a Glass Half Full

Optimism is a Glass Half Full. A pessimist will focus on what has been lost while the optimist will see what remains. To spread optimism one should portray these positive vibes in life. When someone complains the optimist will point out out the better point of view. Be positive and follow your dreams. Be positive [...]

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