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Grin Big!™ Ball Caps from PENMEN® Studios Offer Positive Vibes for Your Smiling Happy Head

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Wear a smile everywhere you go with a Grin Big!™ Happy Hat. When you wear a hat, it should be a happy one. Express you love of life with one of these delicious caps with Penman's big grin over your own smiling face. Be positive and follow your dreams. Always do what you love to do.

Penman Gary Blehm, The Optimist in 1996 Syndicated Comic Strip within 6 Years of First Publication

In 1989 Optimistic Cartoonist Gary Blehm, nicknamed "Penman" after his character with a broad half moon shaped smile or grin. The character was often shown wearing his round sunglasses in posters, books, and comic strips. In this promotional photograph Blehm is shown tied down to his drawing table symbolizing the commitment to producing a daily [...]

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Dogs Know a Good Smile When They See Once. Shop Happy T-Shirts Today with Free Shipping Over $40 in the USA

Dogs Know a Good Smile When They See Once. Shop Happy T-Shirts Today with Free Shipping Over $40 in the USA. Grin Big! ™ apparel offers the message of optimism and positive vibes we've been known for since the 1980's. Brand creator Gary Blehm, The Optimist continues his prolific pursuit with positivity and optimistic designs with [...]

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Cowboy Coffee is the Best Coffee in the West

Cowboy coffee is the best coffee in the west. It will get you going every time with positive vibes. Dreams come true outdoors with Grin Big!™ apparel designed by the optimist, Gary Blehm.

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T-Shirts with Flowers make you Grin Big

Grin Big with this 5.4 oz. Ringspun Cotton, Garment-Dyed T-Shirt. You'll spread optimism and positive vibes all day long in this beauty. Stretch your arms out to the sky and breathe in the fresh air with positivity and wellness. Remember that dreams come true in optimistic apparel from Grin Big!™

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The Opimist, Gary Blehm, Spreading Optimism Since the 1980's

Gary Blehm spread optimism with a beret, round sunglasses, and a half moon grin since the 1980's. At age 12 he drew his character in a one room school house near Aspen, Colorado and knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He sold 100,000 posters, published a book, produced a [...]

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The Glass Half Full

Instead of recognizing what's bad with the world perhaps we should recognize what's good in the world. Perception is everything. When you focus on the good the bad just seems to slip away. We don't need to have our heads in the sand either. We just need to wear shades. Be positive and follow your [...]

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Catch Your Own Dreams with Optimism and Positive Vibes

If your dream was a frisbee disc how high would you jump to obtain it? An ultimate dream is like an ultimate disc. It's spinning, flying, and twisting. Can you catch what's coming at you? Or will you duck and avoid the opportunity? Be a dream catcher! Remember that dreams come true in Grin Big!™ optimistic [...]

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To Your Self Be True with Optimism and Positive Vibes

Be true to yourself. Never be afraid to let your light shine with the optimism of positive vibes. With a light heart you will find peace in this world. Be positive and follow your dreams with Grin Big!™ Apparel.

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Rock Those Positive Vibes

Pick up that guitar and rock those positive vibes. When there's a song in your heart you can spread the power of optimism to the world. It begins with you. Put a smile on your face and a Grin Big!™ shirt on your back for good measure. Be positive and follow your dreams.

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